Wildfire Women

News about our Women’s Bible Study coming in the Spring of 2019

A few months ago Equipped was approached by a non-profit called Covered International, and we were asked to write a Basic Bible Study for the women that they serve.

Writing a Bible Study like this was already in my plans, so the answer was an immediate yes! I spent a lot of time asking God what I should call this study and what needed to be included. The word “Wildfire” came to my mind and my heart jumped! Two amazing things happened after this:

1. I did a little research on Wildfires and their purpose. Here is what the fire.ca.gov site says about the benefits of fire.

There are some species of trees and forest plants that are actually fire-dependent. These plants must experience fire throughout their lifespan in order to regenerate new life. The bark and cones become hard and require the heat to open them and release the seeds for regeneration. Actually, some of the plants are designed to encourage fire by their leaves that are covered with a flammable resin. Without fire, these trees and plants would eventually succumb to old age, with no new generation to carry on their legacy.

2. I knew the word “Wildfire” sounded so familiar – like it was a thought from my past. I decided to spend an evening searching through my journals (this is no small task).  Finally, I came across a journal dated in 1999 and the cover of it said: “From a spark to a wildfire.”  Enclosed in this journal were notes from a very young version of myself, who was writing a story about a girl who found Jesus and was set on fire for Him.

“So the reports about Jesus spread like wildfire throughout every community in the region of Galilee.” Mark 1:28, TPT

This Bible Study is all about Women encountering Jesus, becoming baptized with fire, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Today’s Update (November 2018): We have had three lessons at Rustbelt, in Toledo Ohio. The girls who are participating are full of questions and excited each and every week. This week they were sent off with an assignment to learn how to pray the Word of God – out loud- in their personal time. Next week they will report back. I can’t wait to hear about their experiences.

This Bible Study will be available in the Spring of 2019! We can’t wait to get it into your hands so that you can help others experience Jesus and leave a legacy.


Nicki McLeod