What’s your identity tied to?

What is your identity tied to?

New Year, New You! This is a common slogan that we hear at the turn of a new year.

Finding Purpose

How can there be a new me if I didn’t even know who the old me was?  This question can resurface at various points in our lives, especially during periods of transition.   Knowing your identity is key in personal development.  If you do not have a strong sense of identity, you will make decisions based on fear or acceptance which will ultimately make for a weak leader.   I have seen people in positions of leadership make decisions based on fear and this not only affects them but trickles down to their employees. It makes it difficult for you to help others walk in their purpose as a leader if you can’t even define who you are.

Many of us have been programmed to identify who we are with what we do-our assignment. When someone asks us about ourselves, what we do  is nine out of ten times equated to what our life’s vocation is and just like that, we tie our identity up in the what of what we do vs who we are.   A perfect example is a CEO who fought their way to the top of the corporate ladder. They may find a lot of security and confidence in what they have achieved and the title they hold.  What happens if one day all of this is stripped away from them?  Will they still wake up and feel a sense of value and significance in this life or will they find out that their identity is completely tied to their position or title?  This is such a disheartening place to be. 

However, it is easy for your identity to get tied into what you do versus who you are. This is especially true if you are driven by the accolades of others, when you are verbally or monetarily rewarded for your “doing”, or are a natural doer-goal setter.   There is nothing wrong with being a driven person who gets things done. 

Just be careful to not get caught into the trap of “doing” or “performing” and losing your identity.  

My natural temperament is to be a doer and goal setter, and this is ok, because that is how God made me. At one point, I had allowed that to get out of balance and found my identity tied to what I did vs who I was.  Here’s the good news; if you find your life has gotten out of balance,  you do not have to stay stuck in a place of performance-based acceptance.  My hope and prayer for you is to be liberated from the trap. Liberated from the comparison trap, the doing trap, the title trap,  the opinion trap – you name it.   God wants you free from an identity tied to anything more than He says you are.  God created you to operate in power and with authority. 

I like to always leave you with a challenge; I challenge you to Be Strong and Courageous to walk in 2019 in the identity God has called you to walk in.  This may sound easier said than done, but a few things I found helpful are:

  • Prayer- asking God who He says I am
  • Reading/Declaring the promises of God over my life
  • Write down what God is revealing to you about you and your identity
  • Find an accountability partner who will walk beside you 


Sarah Hall - Equipped Writer

Sarah Hall M.A. LPCC-S

is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a contributing content creator for Equipped!

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