Being Trustworthy

If you are in any type of relationship then you already know trust is foundational! A recent Forbes article stated that “trust is the solid floor on which the rest of the manager-employee relationship is built; without it the ground below is shaky”. Questioning the motives behind someone’s actions, words, and decisions mean trust has either been broken or it has never been established. Again, trust is foundational in any relationship.

Whether you are a staff member, a spouse, or a friend there is a desire to be trusted. Knowing that we have gained the trust of another gives us tremendous confidence. This, in turn, gives us the ability to pull down our protective walls and fully be the person that God created us to be—the good, the bad, and the really ugly! When we don’t feel trusted we walk around on “eggshells” with defensive responses to every circumstance; appearing to be guilty, even when we are innocent. 

Have you ever taken the time to ask this very introspective and possibly painful question—“Am I trustworthy?”

Let’s take a look at what makes God trustworthy, and use this as a guide to find our answer.

  1. I TRUST GOD BECAUSE I know He is for me! Am I showing the people in my life that I am for them and their success?
  2. I TRUST GOD BECAUSE even when I mess up He extends grace. God blesses me and does not curse me. Do I show grace when my leaders, spouse, or friends drive me out of my ever-loving mind? What do I say about their character when they are struggling?
  3. I TRUST GOD BECAUSE He keeps His Word; God finishes what He starts. Am I a person that keeps my word?
  4. I TRUST GOD BECAUSE He listens to me as if I am the only person on His mind. Do I listen to others with the intent to understand and know them better?

True; trust is a two-way street, but maybe taking the first few steps will breed an entirely new and healthy atmosphere. To summarize, if I want to be worthy of trust then it’s important that others in my life know:

  • I am for them
  • I bless them with my words and actions
  • I am a person of my word
  • I listen intently because I care to know them better

Tim and Nicki TrustworthyMy name is Nicki and this is my husband Tim. We have been married for almost 23 years. We have also served in a pastoral role at our local church, Life Chapel, for over 15 years. I trust this man with my entire life and he trusts me with his. I also trust the heart of the leaders that I serve under, in ministry. This type of trust and longevity did not happen by accident but was a very intentional choice that started with me. I made the choice to simply become a trustworthy person! Be blessed, we hope that you have gained something of value from this post. Nicki McLeod


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