The Purpose Within

There is a purpose within you

“There are two great days in a person’s life-the day we are born and the day we discover why”, William Barclay.  

How much truer could these words be?  You may have often been asked, “What is your why?” What gets you out of the bed every morning and motivates you to put one foot in front of the other? And if you have not been asked “what is your why”, then I ask you today,

What is your why and what is your purpose? 

You see God didn’t just accidentally make you. Nature itself will teach you that when God creates, He creates with intention.  Everything that has been created, has been created with a certain end in mind.  When you see a small acorn, you don’t typically think, “Oh look at that oak tree”, but “the oak tree you see standing tall and strong today was already intrinsically the acorn. That tiny acorn has the oak tree inside”, Dr Simon Oliver. 

It is questions like the one noted above,  that keeps people up at night, employs countless therapists, and sells many books. Not to mention the pharmaceutical companies that benefit from the anxiety of people “not knowing their why or their purpose”.  In America, we have somehow gotten things twisted, as if our purpose is “some place of arrival”.  Purpose for many people has become about those tangibles, when in fact purpose has nothing to do with the tangible, but rather the intangible.  We learn from Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, that the critical determining factor to Nazi concentration camp survivors was having a sense of purpose-meaning. What we learn is those who did not have a sense of purpose or meaning were those who would not make it out alive.  It is God’s plan for us to not wander aimlessly searching for our meaning in life, but to walk in our God created purpose. What I firmly believe in my heart of hearts is that “Purpose” is not some place of arrival, but something that was knit into us at the point of conception.  

 In Psalms 139:13 David is talking to the Lord and he says, “You formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb”.

When God knit us in our mother’s womb- He knit OUR purpose in us. 

It saddens me how people can live their whole life without ever finding purpose. I have got some great news for you! Your purpose is NOT lost, in fact, your purpose is already within you just as the oak tree is already in the acorn. Do you really comprehend what you just read? This gets me excited!  I think about God knitting my purpose within me and at the same time deciding to give me dark brown curly hair, tan skin, grayish eyes, and a WHOLE LOT of personality. 

Some people reading this are actually having an internal struggle right now because this ideology is so foreign, we have made “purpose” some mystical notion that walking in your purpose is only attainable by the chosen few. There is nothing further from the truth.  There is nothing anyone can say to convince me otherwise.  God knit a purpose inside of each and every one of us when He created us.

If you are one of the individuals struggling right now, I want to challenge you.  Right where you are at, with every negative thought that has taken residence in your mind, remind yourself of this one thing,

There is a mighty Oak Tree inside of you!

Sarah Hall - Equipped Writer


Sarah Hall M.A. LPCC-S

is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a contributing content creator for Equipped!

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