The Cry Came To God

Their cry for rescue came to God

The whole world has entered this weird time together, as we all navigate COVID-19. The moment we began to hear reports about this virus spreading through the globe, I had one question.  It was plain to see what’s happening with my physical eyes but I wanted to know what was happening in the Kingdom.  I began to ask God what He had to say about all of this.  The very first phrase I heard was:

“It’s a distraction, don’t get distracted”

I’m not being insensitive to those who are losing their lives or suggesting that we should ignore what’s happening—and do our part to keep people safe. What I am suggesting, for followers of Jesus Christ, is that our God has something to say about what’s happening in our “homeland”…which is not here on this earth.

It is no mistake that we are entering into the Passover memorial / celebration during this pandemic.  The Passover was instituted so that we could tell future generations about the delivering and redeeming power of God Almighty.  Now, more than ever people need to hear the stories, the testimonies, the miracles, and the reason why our hope is not tied to this world.

Biblically, Passover marks the “Beginning”. The month of Passover became the first month on the Jewish (religious) calendar—the month of a new beginning. Israel would learn how to know rightly worship their Holy God. I am praying that we all take this time to discover, or re-discover, how to worship our God. Don’t get distracted, God is gathering His true followers. Soon He will release His people into a great work. 

The people of Israel Groaned

I will be writing a small series of posts during this Passover season. Here is what I want to leave you with for today (as our family gets ready to celebrate a week long remembrance of God’s deliverance and redemption).

Right now I can feel the tension in our world rising. People don’t know what news sources to trust, some are unsure if the social distancing is the right answer —while others are terrified to leave their houses, stories of government’s taking freedoms are uneasy, stories of churches facing fines for parking lot services, the economy taking a major blow…I think you get the picture.  I FEEL THE TENSION!

This morning I asked God to show me the real source of tension, what is happening in the Kingdom? Here is what I am praying people will see:

    • If we cry out to our government or put our hope in the systems of this world, we will become servants of these “rulers” and “systems”

    • If we cry out to our God…the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, He will hear our cry. He will answer. Our hope will never be shaken.

Where we decide to put all of our hope, is where the true source of tension exists. May we all take an inventory of where our hope is placed today. 



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