Sheer Determination

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Have you heard the call to “go” or “move forward”?

When we say yes to this call, we are saying yes to the plan that God has for our lives. Have you ever said yes, only to find yourself in a bit of a predicament? You took the step and then found yourself face to face with an unpleasant or difficult situation. Chances are, this means you made the right move!

The Bible shows us that many times there is an impassable body of water between where God’s children stood and the destination that He was taking them to.

  • The Red Sea stood between Israel and their freedom
  • The Jordan River stood between Israel and their promised destination
  • Raging, stormy, waters stood between a demon-possessed man and his healing

I find three responses that we can choose from when the impossible shows up (on the journey of “Yes”). 

  • (ONE) TURN BACK: This is the instinct to return to what is familiar; back to the life that you have adjusted to. If we lose sight of WHY we said yes, then turning back will begin to make sense. I was about a mile into my run last week and I began to wonder why on earth I was doing this. It was so hot and I can’t say that I was particularly enjoying myself. In the midst of considering the thought to turn back, I heard a whisper that said: “Look ahead to one year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now. I promise that you will stand and rejoice in those days, because of your willingness to do the hard thing today.”  

Once you say “yes” to the call of moving forward, don’t let turning back become an option in your life.

  • (TWO) STAY RIGHT HERE: Most of Israel decided to simply stop and set up camp on the outskirts of their promise. The giants looked too impossible because Israel forgot who was fighting for them. Do you know that our faith cannot grow if we are not willing to trust God to take us through the impossible? The book of James tells us that in the testing God produces NEW strength in our lives. Without a willingness to rely solely on God our faith will eventually dry and we may find ourselves surviving in a desert land.

Don’t settle for surviving in the desert, when God has called you to live in abundance.

  • (THREE) PRESSING ON: When fear kicks in, there is a small window of time, where we try to determine our response. Choosing to press on means that we have determined to believe that God will finish what He started.

The victories that we experience do not happen by accident or simply by our own willpower and strength. Move forward with a Divine Word on one end and Sheer Determination on the opposite end. Success will happen when these two forces collide.

If we define determination as the act of coming to a decision, then let’s define sheer determination as this: “determination with a Word of promise ahead, and God’s Divine enabling to cross over full of courage and endurance to the very end.”

Inspiration will get us started, a determination will take us a little further, but sheer determination is what we will need to cross the impassible waters in our life!


Photo Credit: Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Sheer Determination”

  1. As I was reading this it was like someone was inside my head. The thoughts that come trough our mind when we’re moving towards our “Yes” can be a lot to process. What a fabulous blog! Good read!

  2. This was a great read! It’s so easy to be comfortable with the familiar,or to take up camp. But the benefits of moving forward with sheer determination far outweigh the regrets of not moving at all!


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