Purpose and traction

stay focused on your god-given purpose

Here is a great question to ask about any situation: “Is this going to cause the friction / tension that I need to move forward in my purpose, or is this going to cause me to become distracted from my purpose?”

Finding Purpose

I define my life’s purpose as: “Making a vivid impression of God’s goodness on this earth”.  Having a clear definition of what I want to do or be, is a great way to keep my eyes focused on the target.  However, we all know that the path is not always clear for us and that many times distractions take us off of the path. It is also true that not every “curveball” is a distraction, sometimes we need the extra friction or tension in order to move forward.

Traction in your god-given purpose

Staying Focused

  1. Define your purpose, or what the assignment is that you are working on.
  2. Draw two columns on a piece of paper.
  3. Write a statement about what you are focusing on at the top of these two columns. This can be your “big” life purpose (Giving God Glory) or this can be a task or assignment that you are currently working on.
  4. In the left column write the word “TRACTION”.  Under traction write the following definition:
    • A: These are things that I consider good friction or tension, I believe this will create a surface I can move forward on.
    • B: These are motivators.  
    • C: These are things that will support me as I move forward, they will help me achieve success.” 
  5. In the right column write the word “DIS-TRACTION”. Under the word distraction write the following definition:
    • A: This is something that will negatively affect my focus, creating a slippery surface.
    • B: This will not only steal my time but also my mental energy.
    • C: This will cause me to lose traction and direct my attention away from my focus. 
  6. Put a pause on spending any energy until you can answer these questions. 
When you are faced with a new project, situation, or invitation… take a moment and ask God to help you answer your questions. Ask God to help reveal if the “thing” in front of you is for TRACTION or DIS-TRACTION.
If it turns out to be a distraction, then quickly dismiss it!


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