Episode 021: False Sense of Responsibility

Episode 021: A False Sense of Responsibility with Mary Michel

Equipped Podcast with Mary Michel

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Mary Michel

Founder and CEO of Journey of the Heart

Highlights from Episode 021:

Mary shares how we can recognize and make the right changes, when we discover that we are living out of a false sense of responsibility. This starts by recognizing our worth in Christ.

“When we come to the table and are clear about who we are, we can say yes to the appropriate yes and no to the appropriate no.” ~ Mary Michel

What if you could imagine waking up in the morning without the fear of “needing to perform”?  What if you had excitement about discovering new things again? What if you could learn to set healthy boundaries and give yourself permission to rest, pause, and take care of yourself?  We talk about all of this on today’s episode! 

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