Episode 017: Taking Risks and Keeping God at the Center

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Katie founded Hosanna Revival in 2015 after simply re-binding and painting a Bible. Now she spends her days designing new products, dreaming up beautiful things, and of course, painting.

Katie Guiliano

Highlight Transcripts from Episode 017:

It was at a Young Life Camp that Katie first heard about a God that she could have a personal relationship with, a God that loved her and that this love was not based on her achievements. During her college years, she discovered that there was a lot more to following Jesus, than just accepting Him one time.  Just as Katie began to find a Christian community that supported her on her faith journey, it was time for her to pack up and leave.  When she moved to Spain, she found herself with a lot of time and a feeling of loneliness.  Katie turned to the Word of God during this time and discovered that this great book could be a source of comfort and peace.  This was the foundation that Katie would build her life on.

Painting Bibles

Katie had an idea to paint her Bible and make it as beautiful on the outside… as she had found it to be on the inside.  This thought led to another thought: “What if a beautiful Bible could excite other women to open it and read it?”  This later became the mission of Hosanna Revival. 

How do you know when Pride and Striving are taking over?

  1. Exhaustion is a big red flag when it comes to the sin of pride and achievement
  2. When we think that God needs us and forget that God is not reliant on anything that we do or don’t do
  3. Believing that God needs our hands more than our heart

God delights in giving us purpose and calling but so often we take that purpose and wrap our grimy little fists around it and say…”God you just wait a minute, I’ll take it from here…”

Hosanna Revival

Katie discovered that there would be great risks involved on her journey.  Her first risk turned into a miracle of perfect timing and $75,000.00 at the last minute. From that point on Hosanna Revival has continued to grow. 

How have you kept the faith?

There have definitely been struggles along the way but God has never let us down, this is what I hang on to. 

Final Thoughts

Katie hopes that her story shows you this: when God is calling you to a “thing”, He will show up in that “thing”. If God is not in it, then it’s not worth pursuing…Just keep God at the center, this is where we will see the fruit. 


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