Episode 016: Confidence

Episode 016: Confidence with Kevin Jennings

Kevin Jennings

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Kevin Jennings is the founder and CEO of Junction32. He is a brand and marketing strategist that is passionate about helping people reach their full potential.

Junction 32

CEO & Marketing Strategist

855.705.4769 ext. 101

Book link shared by Kevin: Derek Sivers “Anything You Want”

Highlight Transcripts from Episode 016:

What does real confidence look like?

Self confidence is a combination of three things.

  • One, self awareness
  • Two, self acceptance  
  • Three self admiration

Now, admiration is one of those words that is so icky, but if you look at it in the dictionary, it just means respect. It means to highly value something or someone. Do you know who you are? Do you accept who you are and do you appreciate and admire / respect who you are. And I believe that those three things combined make up confidence.

We are all a bundle of strengths and weaknesses, but when we own those things we can say, okay, hey, I can appreciate and accept my limitations and I can appreciate and accept who I am and what I’m great at and that come to value that as well.


It’s about perspective and we all struggle with perspective on ourselves because we’re too close to it, right? Perspective is usually the idea of seeing things from a variety angles and distances. And, and so how do we see ourselves from a variety of angles and distances when we only have one perspective?

  • Personal Assessments
  • Asking others what it is like being on the other side of “me”
  • reflection (writing or journaling)

Jeff Henderson says he asked himself and those around him “what’s it like to be on the other side of me” and he says that question has just changed his leadership.

Why are you passionate about helping others reach their potential?

I believe we are connected. We are a part of a of a human family, we are connected and that means just like a body part…when Nicki’s in her sweet spot (if we never met in our lifetime) you being your sweet spot makes me better because. If you’re a thumb and I’m a big toe, we never really connect. We’re not hanging out together on the body, but the reality is if you’re not there, my life is altered.

“Simple to You is Amazing to Others” ~ Derek Sivers


Dreaming can be difficult for some people. I know dreaming was easy for me. My wife has had to work and learn how to do it over time. I remember a couple of years ago just going back to one of my good buddies, just trying to figure out what helps someone become a dreamer. I think exposure is one of the keys to dreaming. When you start to expose yourself to other things, other people’s stories, it starts to help you naturally and even logically understand what’s possible.

Building Into Others

  • Become more intentional about becoming observant
  • Catch people doing good and share it with them

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