Episode 015: be intentional, be yourself

Finding Purpose

Equipped Podcast: Episode 015: Be Intentional, Be Yourself

Jessica Buckland Define Success

Episode Transcripts

The first 20 minutes: Defining Success

I believe that success is a Christian, is doing what God has called you to do, where God has called you to do it and surrendering to his plan no matter what that looks like. Sometimes God calls you to the backside of the desert and sometimes he calls you to leave hundreds of thousands of people.

Moses, we find he was called into both scenarios and he submitted himself both in the backside of the desert and when he was leaning the children of Israel. So for me, and I know that sounds like a very pat answer…here’s the frustration that people feel the tension that they feel because this is not a problem to solve. This is a lifetime of tension. 

If success is doing what God has called me to do, where he’s called me to do it, how he’s called me to do with the people that he’s put in my life. How do I know what I’m called to do? So success is a Christian is surrendering to discovering and living out your purpose.

Life is seasons

Seasons come and seasons go. So why do we think that our success as a Christian is going to look a certain way in every season, every area of our life? The ultimate destination is to hear well done, my good and faithful servant one day when we meet our maker. That’s the destination, so as long as there’s life in you, breathe in you, then you cannot arrive. It’s not possible. And so that’s why we have to remind ourselves of these things and people tend to tell themselves a narrative. I’m too old or I’m not educated enough, or I’ve been stuck for too long, or I’ve involved myself in too many sinful things were maybe sin practices that were too bad.

20 – 40-minute mark: Know Your Identity

Success looks very different for me as a mother of a 13-year-old than it looked like when I was mothering that same child, but he was three months old. If I was still a holding a bottle to his mouth and still trying to, God forbid nurse him, then that would be psychotic. Why can’t we understand that in the spiritual it does as well as it does in the natural?

Each new season you have to learn new rules, new rules even as an adult. And so we understand this about our children. We understand this about child development, but why don’t we understand that as adults, we’re also developing new rules depending on what environment that you’re in. There are new ways to operate, new ways to think, new strategy. We all want to be part of something great. And that makes us nervous though because we don’t know where to even start. And so a lot of people really shut down their development when they’re in their twenties. They’re mental, physical, spiritual, emotional development, and oftentimes they go in reverse. So it’s a good thing to understand the concept of the whole lifespan.

You can do what God says you can do and when you come to the place of knowing where your identity lies, we’re in your strength comes from that makes it a lot easier to stop comparison trap. It’s a daily battle because that’s part of our humanity. Some things are battles that we are going to continuously face because we are human, but at the end of the day, you have to have a foundation of identity. First and foremost, I am a child of God. I can do what God says I can do. I am who God says I am. I can be who God says I can be. It doesn’t matter what other people say, what other people think, what other people are doing, but what matters is what God says. What does God think? What does God want me to be doing? We nurse the comparison trap when we spend our time looking at what other people are doing.

You’ve got to go deeper. You have to do the hard work of knowing who you are as a person and knowing who God says you are and what he wants for you. So I. I think that also it’s been a paradigm shift. I learned to start recognizing restlessness and a little bit of discomfort as a sign that God is wanting me to start looking in other directions or ways or reframe my thoughts and thinking around something that the Holy Spirit will prompt.

God has put you with those dreams, those aspirations to reach a group of women that I never could and God has put me in the sector to reach people that you can’t. And so the trap of comparison does nothing but make the kingdom stall out.

The 40 – 60-minute mark: Being Intentional

I’m going to take into my control what I can do. I’m going to do everything in my power and then I’m going to combine it with his power and I’m going to walk in that because the end of the day everyone ends up somewhere. But few people end up somewhere on purpose. I want to try to Align myself up with who God says I am so I can end up where he wants me to end up on purpose.

Becoming Self-Aware

It requires you feeling like you are valuable enough to do the work and then being committed to the deep work and the hard work that is involved in that. It also involves inviting trusted people into your space that can see things and that can speak into your space. 

Resource: A great person on this is Dr. Carolyn Leaf.   

  • Increasing your self-awareness is being able to respect, your past, your upbringing, even if it was an abusive and terrible thing, but just say, you know what… “This does not define who I am” and start learning who are you. And it does require work. It requires thoughtful processing, and it requires reading the word of God over and over again.
  • becoming self-aware only begins when you come to the end of yourself

Treat Simple Things As Though They Are Big Things

  • I think remembering the simple things is really important, it is such a key principle in life because we get bombarded and everything has to be epic. It is much more simple to live prepared or to get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. 
  • It is me submitting myself to be part of his show. When I can say, Hey, I’m not the main show because if you’re watching me, you’re going to be pretty sorely disappointed.

Final Remarks

Be careful what you’re looking at. No, it is never too late. I always say, if it doesn’t look good, it’s because God’s not done because everything good and everything perfect comes from him. So if you were looking around you and it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t feel good and it smells, it’s because God’s not done. 

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