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Equipped Podcast: Episode 014: Bonus Episode with Nicki McLeod

Women of Influence

From Nicki

Hello my sisters! I pray that you find yourself feeling the extravagant love of your Heavenly Father. I was asked to speak for Mother’s Day 2018 at my local church. Though this was a huge honor, the thought was also a little terrifying. I am not unaware of the pain that this day brings for many women, as it is a reminder of loss. At the same time, I am familiar with the job of motherhood that does not receive enough encouragement and support. Yet still, I was thinking about the women who have never had a child, but still have tremendous influence over our next generations. How could I honor all of these precious women? 

This is why I decided to speak on Women of Generational Influence. Though the main focus is motherhood, I wanted to weave in the fact that all women play a role in impacting our future generations. 

A woman’s power is not to be taken lightly! 

Many times we don’t even recognize the power we possess. My hope is that you will complete this message feeling empowered, refreshed, and most of all valued! We all find ourselves in different seasons of life, and our influence in each of the seasons is vital.  Will you do me a favor right now? Say this out loud:

“I am a woman of generational influence”


Nicki McLeod (owner and operator of Equipped)


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