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Equipped Podcast: Episode 012: Anthony & Crystal Barnett

Anthony and Crystal Equipped Podcast


Anthony and Crystal Barnett are parents of seven kids! As a ministry couple, they have always been willing to be ready for God’s transitions in their lives. They currently are serving the Kingdom under Pastors Jared and Loida Howell of Chapel North in Westerville Ohio. They are preparing for a ministry trip to the country of Belize and looking forward to their “Next” chapter that God is unfolding in their lives. 

Highlights from Episode 012

Over the past couple of years, Anthony and Crystal felt God calling them to a dramatic shift in their life. Crystal talks about the struggle of shifting when she felt like she was doing the very thing she was passionate about in life.

When she approached Anthony (at first) he was not in agreement with what she felt. Crystal decided that she would take this feeling to prayer for a year and allow God to move in Anthony’s heart, and if this was God’s will then they would be in agreement.  After the year passed she presented her thoughts and feelings to Anthony again but this time he was also feeling the shift in their life.

What’s Next?

When God gives a prophetic Word for our lives we, many times, want to ask “what’s next?” Crystal learned how to trust God during her year of waiting for God. Anthony reminds us that God’s timing is perfect.

Let God do God Stuff…

What Happens When Transition Feels Like Failure?

Anthony encourages us to cling to what God says, that failure only comes when we don’t follow God’s leading.  Other’s may not understand the transitions that we make in our lives but in time God will confirm His Word.  Crystal talks about the importance of seeking wise counsel in the midst of transitions in life. There are two types of people that Crystal needed during this time:

  1. The people that were compassionate during “freak out mode”. These were people that were simply present with her.
  2. The people that challenged her with tough questions. “How do you know this is what you feel?” “What if it does not turn out the way you think?” “Why does God want you to do that?”

We must discern between the voices that are negative and the voices that are challenging us. We don’t want to dismiss the voices that are chanllenging us because they will help us dig deeper.


Beautiful mountains exist because the earth below once shifted. The moments in life when God is “shaking things up” could be the divine set up for a new season with new faith, greater faith.

When Our Health Needs a Course Correction

**Anthony and Crystal are not doctors and this podcast is not intended to be medical advise. This is the story of the success that the Barnett’s have found on a plant-based diet, and the success that other’s have had by joining them.**

In the midst of all of these life transitions, Anthony and Crystal had health issues that they needed to deal with.  After much research, they decided to live on a plant-based diet.  The Barnett’s operate a movement called “Plant-Powered Christians”.  They started this organization with a desire to help others make a lifestyle change.

When we begin to fill our body with good food, it’s amazing how fast we see positive changes.

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