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Equipped Podcast: Episode 011: Ashley Shaffer, Toledo Ohio

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Equipped Podcast Ashley Shaffer


Ashley Shaffer, Director of Development at Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo & Full Time Mom:)

Highlights from Episode 011

Ashley celebrates the “real heroes” in our midst. These are the moms working day in and day out to support their family, even if that means doing a job that does not necessarily match their core values or passion. Most women will relate to her as she talks about feeling like she goes between “life is so hard” and “these are the best years of her life”.

“I love eating with two hands”  ~ Words from a mother of young ones:)

The Mom Guilt and Work

It seems like moms feel guilty all of the time. Ashley actually felt guilty for not feeling guilty about working.  She discovered that guilt is the direct emotion to our disobedience.  When we are walking in obedience there is no room for guilt. Therefore, she does not experience mom guilt when she goes to work, because she is stepping into what she is called to do.

We are always going to see “green grass” on the other side, but we need to know where God has called us to. We need each other to be our best in the body of Christ, and that looks different to each person.

There is a difference between mom guilt or mom grief. It’s ok to grieve something that we might be missing out on but refuse to carry the guilt.

2 Points

  1. If I feel guilty, ask myself if I have any disobedience or comparisons in my life
  2. It’s ok to grieve missing out on something

When we slip into comparison, it steals joy!

Balance – Boundaries

Balance is like a beam that we are walking on. On this beam, we always feel like we are one step from falling off. If we swing one way or put our weight on one side we are going to fall – or drop everything that we are carrying. However, if we can be more fluid in our distribution of time, energy, and resources then we can become more effective. We are never going to be everywhere at all times.

“Let’s be present and fully engaged of where we are”

Ashley invites the Lord into her day to help her prioritize and to establish healthy boundaries.

Life is like a house

Just like we don’t leave all of the lights on in the house, we can view life the same way. Sometimes we need to turn work lights off when we are home and home lights off when we are at work. When we attempt to balance things, we are trying to give everything the same energy all of the time and we simply can’t maintain it. Generally when we find ourselves frustrated it’s because our mind is somewhere else and we are not fully present mind, body, & spirit.

Seeing the kids as God does

As parents, our number one goal is to Equip our kids to learn how to hear the voice of God. “My dreams for my kids are not directional, they are destinational“.

Teaching our Kids to hear the Voice of God:

  • P: Praise
  • R: Repent
  • A: Ask
  • Y: Yield

We are imperfect beings serving a perfect father!

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