Coloring Outside The Lines – Savannah Marten

Equipped Podcast: Episode 008: Savannah Marten, Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo.


Savannah Marten, Executive Director at The Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo

Highlights from Episode 008

What does it mean to color outside of the Lines?:

We were created by a creative Creator. Coloring outside of the lines is all about curiosity and creativity in life.  She quotes Bob Goff by saying “a greater sense of confidence should produce more creativity.”  Sometimes the tendency to over structure life comes from a desire to be in control. Savannah takes the time to re-define what it means to be creative.

What Savannah has learned about having so many creative and outside of the box ideas?:

  1. To put a speed bump between her thoughts and her words, to put a pause on the ideas sometimes
  2. To be aware of who is in the room in order to determine if it’s the right time and place to vocalize ideas
  3. Have people in life that think differently than you, and challenge your ideas and thoughts


Everything that I have been put in charge of is Gods. When I am coloring outside of the lines, I recognize that the crayon I am using is one that someone else has put into my hand and entrusted me with.  It’s so important to remember why you are coloring outside of the lines.

Allowing your team to challenge the status quo:

We have core values to guide us but within those boundaries, everything can be questioned. Savannah gives her team the freedom to have ideas and change things that need to be changed. One example is the campus ministry at the University of Toledo. Her campus director took advantage of this freedom and presented an idea that was radically different from the status quo. They went from simply offering pregnancy tests on campus to shifting their focus. They are now empowering women to recognize their value and worth. Success was the outcome of these “out of the box” ideas. Leader’s need to trust the people that God has placed on their teams.  There is so much value in allowing others the freedom to explore and voice new ideas.

How to spark creativity in your life:

Savannah talks about creating white space without any expectations of the outcome.

What keeps you motivated?

It’s less about staying motivated, for me, but more about keeping my hope in check.

Links / People Mentioned:

The People We Need In Our Lives and Why: (with Nicki)

Ephesians 4: 16 says “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.”

Here is what we know from this scripture

  1. We are different, but we fit together perfectly
  2. We each have our own special work to accomplish, and that special work helps the rest of the body grow
  3. Working together is the only way for the body of Christ to become healthy, growing, and full of love

Here are the two questions that I challenged my listeners with at the end of this podcast:

  1. Who is in your life to challenge your thinking, your ideas, to push you out of your comfort zone, to cheer you on? Who has permission to freely speak into your life?
  2. Or has insecurity caused you to create a life where everyone always agrees with you?

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