BECOMING: who god created you to be



BECOMING: who god created you to be

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Are you ready to break this cycle and move forward with confidence?

Together we will stand up to the giants in the way of our promises and learn how to confidently walk through life’s valleys.  When we discover the authority and value God has entrusted to us, it will release us from the fear that continues to hold us back.  The Body of Christ is healthy and powerful when we, as individuals, are healthy and properly aligned.  With a better understanding of how the body of Christ was designed to function, we discover that we are essential to the plan of God and His Kingdom agenda.  Our ultimate purpose is to leave a vivid impression of God’s goodness in this world.  Are you ready to take this journey and become the powerful and anointed person God created you to be? Let’s go!

"My favorite lesson was the one that talked about the heart. Mind Blowing!"
~ Equipped Participant

Have you ever had a moment where you realize this: "I HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM ANYMORE?"

Maybe you have heard the following: “find yourself in Christ“;  “know your gifts“; “discover your passions“; “you were called for a special purpose“… Over and over again we hear these things but over and over again I watch individuals struggle to apply it to their own lives.  Personally,  I woke up one day and realized my identity and value was completely tied to what I did and who I was connected to; I realized that I had lost the person God created me to be. 

I had to start the journey of allowing God to show me: my true identity, my strengths, my weaknesses, why He created me the way that He did, what I was put on this earth for, and the vision that would keep me focused on moving forward with confidence. 

I quickly realized that I was not alone!

BECOMING: Who God Created You To Be

We were all born for a purpose in this life but in a culture of noise and comparison it can be challenging to discover what that purpose is.  Woven into our innermost being is a mix of gifts, strengths, and weaknesses.  Some of these were divinely placed by God and some were shaped by our experiences. 

This is a journey of discovering the truth about who God created you to be and becoming confident in this fact: “you are instrumental in the time and place you live in”.  You will unravel areas in life where your identity is misplaced, where your value is tied to someone or something other than Christ. You will discover what your spiritual gifts are, gain understanding into your strengths, become convinced that your weakness also serve a purpose, and dig deep into the issues that keep you from moving forward.  By the end of this journey you will be empowered and equipped to take a step of faith. 

Living a purpose driven life will enable you to leave a legacy of freedom and victory, long after you are gone.  

Introducing the Course

After years of teaching about gifts and purpose, I have created 9 lessons that will take you on a journey of Discovering Your Identity and Living Life With Purpose. Here is what’s included:

  • A full-color workbook with inspiring quotes and images
  • 9 Audio lessons that correspond with the workbook
  • A gifts assessment, personality assessment, values worksheet, and multiple workbook exercises to help you discover who God created you to be.
  • A two-page personal profile to record all of your final assent results in
  • Bonus audio lessons from professionals and pastors
  • 30 day prayer guide
  • Personal support throughout your journey
  • Private Group Access: to ask questions and find others on the journey

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Purchase Your Guide - Start A Group

Full Color Printed Workbook: 

  • Your full-color workbook is spiral bound for easy use
  • Includes beautiful images and plenty of room for taking notes
  • We encourage you to start a group and take the journey with others.  Contact Nicki today if you are interested (419) 349-7793.  

$24.99 Printed


  • Includes everything that the printed workbook includes.
  • Feel free to print the pages you need for taking notes.
  • We encourage you to start a group and take the journey with others.  Contact Nicki today if you are interested (419) 349-7793.  

$10.00 Ebook

**If you are interested in purchasing for a group, at a discounted rate, please contact Nicki at 419-349-7793**


What is a group connect? (For Group Sessions)

We have discovered that connecting with others and the ability to ask questions through your journey is vital.  Therefore, we have created  group connects for your session.  During each session we will discuss assessment results, specific questions that you have, things you are learning, and identify the key needs of each group. The first connect time will be an introduction to the course. Please check with your group and  be sure that you can attend the sessions before registering. 

How much time will it take to complete the course?

There are 9 sessions in each course and each session has a 20 – 45 minute audio lesson.  There are also assessments and questions to reflect on throughout the course.  We recommend setting aside 1 – 2 hours a week to focus on this course. You can choose to extend beyond the 9-weeks, however our research has shown that the most effective path is to finish the course in the allotted time. 

I am not sure that this course is right for me, can I contact someone to talk about it?

Yes! We want to be sure that it is a fit for you and we invite you to call Nicki at 419-349-7793.  

Can I teach this course at my church or group?

Yes, we are working on a training program that will Equip you to lead groups through this course. We will be announcing details soon but that first step is to complete the course yourself. 

Where do I find the audio files?

After registering for a course you will receive an email with all of the details. The audio files are shared through the Sound Cloud platform.  You can download the app or simply click on the links that will be provided.  The audio links will be provided during the same week that your workbooks arrive. 

Who teaches the audio lessons?

The majority of the lessons are taught by Tim and Nicki McLeod. There are a few bonus audio sessions that are led by other pastors / professionals.  At this time the group connects are also led by Tim and Nicki McLeod, however we will be looking for those who are interested in leading future groups.  We may also invite special guests to lead some of our connect groups. 

Can I get a refund?

At this time all sales are final and we cannot provide a refund.