How To Ask The Right Questions

Equipped Podcast: Episode 004: Dan Rogers, How to Ask The Right Questions

In this episode, Dan Rogers talks about the mysteries that can be unlocked when we ask the right questions, the right way, to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place.

How to Ask The Right Questions Episode 004


Dan Rogers, President & CEO of Cherry Stree Mission Ministeries

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  • Location: Toledo, Ohio
  • Dan Rogers trains his staff on how to ask the right questions, the right way, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. During his training sessions, he also dives into the 4 elements needed to hone discernment: Prayer Life, Naivety, Imagination, Miracles.

Highlights from this Episode

What is the difference between being nosey and curious?

Many times we don’t ask questions because we don’t distinguish between being nosey and being curious.  Dan Rogers defines nosey as asking questions to find out information for yourself, and curious as asking questions for the other person. The questions can be very insertive, but with the right motive, he believes that anyone can learn to ask the right questions, the right way, to the right person, at the right time.

Becoming Curious:

  1. Get up every day and be completely curious about people and the world and environment in which these people live in.
  2. Do not pre-think what the answers to your questions will be. Come in with zero judgments and zero conclusions, and leave the conversation the same way.
  3. Pure curiosity is finding an answer that benefits the other person.

A Risk Averse Society

Without a willingness to take the risk, we end up being more passive aggressive. We want to ask questions but we are not entirely sure what to do so we go around the question in a very passive-aggressive way. This facilitates the Risk Adverse Society that we live in. Here are three things you must evaluate in your own life:

  1. What is your risk capacity?
  2. What do you want to get away with in a conversation?
  3. Do you really want to know the answer?

Hang with people that you have no business hanging with:

Think about the word collaboration, defined as hanging with people that you have no business hanging with. Most people are not hanging with people that are going to ask the right questions. We tend to hang out with others that think just like we do, this means that we all end up with the same questions and the same answers. If we really want to have something of mystery unlocked, then it is better to get around someone that has zero context of what we are doing or talking about.

Grace to make mistakes:

You must give yourself the grace to make mistakes. The real question that we must ask ourselves is, “will I hug the rocks or stand on the edge?” The edge will give you a completely different perspective, but now risk is involved.  Don’t interpret falling as something negative. It is not that we should never fall but will we get back up and return to risk again?

Final Points:

  1. Choose how much risk you are going to live with on a daily basis
  2. Develop an imagination
  3. It’s a magical combination to be like a child with your present adult intellect
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Learn to hear with your eyes and see with your ears

Really Great Quotes: Feel free to share with @equippedandeffective

“We fear engagement because we fear that we won’t agree…but isn’t that the whole point?” Dan Rogers, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

“Don’t interpret peacemaker with peacekeeper.” Dan Rogers, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

“The right question, the right way, to the right people, in the right time, and at the right place, actually opens a vault.” Dan Rogers, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

“Not a lot of us need an answer to our problem, as much as we need companionship.” Dan Rogers, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

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