Episode 22: Hope

Episode 022: Hope with Jonathan Perry

Hope in Christ with Jonathan Perry

Jonathan Perry - Hope in Christ

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Jonathan Perry is the Lead Pastor of Life Chapel in Toledo Ohio

Highlights from Episode 022:

Anytime Jesus entered into the house the whole atmosphere began to change with hope.  This should be the characteristic of a believer, that they elevate people with hope. 

Deep rooted in every human are two things

  1. Hope
  2. Resilience

The challenge is where we put our hope. Paul said if I had hope in only this world – I would be the most pitiful man. (1 Corinthians 15:9)

There is a difference between the hope of desperation and the hope of acceleration.  The hope of acceleration walks with a posture of confidence, peace, and joy.  

There are people that don’t have hope for the future they are just trying to have hope for the day – this happens when people find themselves in survival mode.  It’s hard to see a picture of the future when you are not sure about what the present day holds. The key to ministry is to start with people where they are and then lead them step by step. 

Many times our disappointments come from un-realistic expectations.  We look to people to and things to meet our expectations and fill our voids but then our hope becomes deferred. Sometimes our hope is deferred by comparison to others. We may actually put unrealistic expectations on ourselves because of our comparison to others. 


  1. remember we are fighting in multiple dimensions – there must be awareness that there are other factors at play (things in a physically unseen dimension)
  2. Job had no guarantee that chapters 41 and 42 would happen
  3. Peter had no promise that he would get out of jail
  4. We loose hope when we misplace our faith in circumstances that we understand because there is so much happening in a world / dimension that we do not understand
  5. Hold all things with open hands


  1. Maturity gives you a balance of hope and reality
  2. Live with a type of protected hope.  This is the hope that says that everything will work out for the good if I keep loving God and keep walking in my purpose
  3. For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? – Romans 8:24
  4. One thing that Job knew for sure – “I know my redeemer lives”


  1. We realize that people with hope have a story of “having it, loosing it, and getting it all back”
  2. Start with the Word – go to Scripture and let it speak to you (Pastor Jonathan Perry gives an example of this)
  3. Pray the Word 
  4. Make declarations according to God’s Word
  5. Gratitude: Worship, Praise, Thanksgiving, Getting around people that you love

What does a life with a thriving hope look like?

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