Tim and Nicki Trustworthy

Being Trustworthy If you are in any type of relationship then you already know trust is foundational! A recent Forbes article stated that “trust is the solid floor on which the rest of the manager-employee relationship is built; without it the ground below is shaky”. Questioning the motives behind someone’s actions, words, and decisions mean … Read more

Break Protocol If You Must


During a recent early morning prayer and devotional time, the Lord began talking to me about Breaking Protocol. Before you decide that I am promoting some kind of rebellion, please stick with me. I want to take you through a portion of scripture today, found in Matthew 15:21 – 28. The scene unfolds with Jesus and … Read more

Are You Confident?

[do_widget id=sfsi-widget-2] When it comes to Confidence let’s first establish that we are not talking about a destination, but a journey where we never settle for less than God’s Plan of Wholeness! There are three things we can observe from the lives of those who are living with confidence. (1) Accurate Self-Assessment Accurate is the … Read more