Believe Me

God’s Ways Are Higher

“When I don’t understand Your Ways, help me to believe in Your Ways.”

Finding Purpose

I’ve been taking some time this summer to determine what I want to actually accomplish with this website and (truth be told) the next phase of my life.  So much has happened that I did not see coming, that I did not want, that has sent me on a journey of 10,000 questions and countless tears.  The other day a friend said to me, “I don’t feel like I have too much left (emotionally speaking) but I am clinging to my salvation like an old woman clings to her purse in a crowd.”  I may not have her words exactly right but I love the picture of an old woman saying -” Take whatever you want but you can’t have this!”  I’ve got this amazing group of friends and sometimes it feels like we are superheroes, fighting battle after battle for our families.  Other times I feel like we are like Frodo and Samwise – just trying to put one foot in front of the other and get through the day in front of us.  Gosh, I am thankful for these women!

While I am in the midst of trying to figure out what I want to do with Equipped, the Becoming Course, and this site… I think I will just write! I’m not sure anyone will ever read anything that I write but I know two things: 1.  It’s good for me to write and 2.  I will have some words to leave to my kiddos one day!  As a matter of fact, I have felt very called to write but the pressure of trying to be perfect (in my writing) and keeping up with social media made me hate it.  What would happen if I quit trying to keep up with social media and if I gave myself permission to make mistakes in my writing? Well, I guess we will find out. 

Numbers 20

I was reading through the book of Numbers last month and I got to the story where God tells Moses to speak to the rock and it will produce water, keep in mind this is the second instance of Moses bringing water out of the rock. 

  • “Speak to the rock before their eyes” (Numbers 20: 8-12)

In the first instance Moses was instructed to strike the rock but this time to “speak to the rock”. However, Moses was irritated with Israel and later we find out that he actually did not believe that speaking to the rock would work,  he took his rod and struck the rock.  Indeed, water came out and Israel had their thirst satisfied but Moses lost something in the midst of doing things his way.  Here is what God said:

  • “Because you did not believe me and hallow me before the eyes of Israel – you will not take them into the promise land.”

What I am thinking about God’s ways

As I read this story, I began to think about instances in my life where I trusted in my own ways, above God’s ways.  I desperately want to come to a place where I can trust God when things don’t make sense to me.

  1. God’s ways are higher and they are very strategic! His ultimate goal is to receive glory and to be made known to the whole earth.  He asked Moses to “hallow” Him before the eyes of Israel, speaking was part of His strategy.  We must trust that His way will lead to His glory!
  2. Our ways may work but they have an end! Our ways are a temporary solution to an eternal or long-term plan.  What worked before, striking the rock, may work again but who is receiving the credit? In this case Moses looked like the one with the answers or possibly his staff looked like it held the power.  God wanted to keep their eyes on Him all the way to the promise land, He did not want their hearts trusting that power came from any other source.
  3. The punishment seemed so harsh to me, I mean come on!  Moses has done a lot, doesn’t he deserve to go into the promise land? I think I will write about our way of justice vs. God’s in a later post… However, was God actually being full of grace in this decision? If a leader is getting weary, worn down, and just plain done toward the end of his life – Is it actually better to end his assignment and let him die in the wilderness?  I mean it’s not like taking the promise land was going to be a walk in the park – they were about to go to war! Maybe it was more gracious for God to allow Moses to stop fighting and enter into his eternal rest? I am sure that Moses would have loved to at least touch the promise land – just once – but was that really the ultimate assignment of his life? His assignment was to lead Israel out of bondage, into worship of their God, and to the promise land.  I would say Moses finished well.  

I don’t have all of my theology worked out on this one but the story does put a lot of things into perspective for me! Here are my two main take aways:

A. God’s ways are intended to bring Him glory and my ways will give glory to someone or something else

B. I don’t want to live for a destination in this life but I want to choose God’s ways in the moments that I have each and every day


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Photo by Fati Laraí Lará on Unsplash

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