About Equipped

Living a Purpose Driven Life

Our Vision: Live Life With Purpose & Help Others Do The Same!

The Equipped Declaration:

  • You are instrumental in the time and place that you live in
  • You are created to function with great power
  • Your legacy is to leave a vivid impression of God’s goodness
  • You are called to help others discover the same


Text “tellmemore” to 444999 and we will send you updates, as resources and trainings become available. 

How are we fulfilling the vision?

Simply put, DISCIPLESHIP!  Equipped develops resources, encouragement, and support that will help you “GO” fulfill your purpose.  Within Equipped you will find the following resources:

This is where we interview those who are living life with purpose and want to inspire you to do the same.

  • Our Courses:

  1. The Basics For New Believers: This resource will be available by the end of 2019 and is for churches and small groups who want to lay a solid foundation for those that are new to their Christian Faith.
  2. Becoming: who God created you to be.  This is a workbook style course that will take you on a journey of Discovering Identity and Living with Purpose. Available Now! Click Here
  3. Between Humility and Love.  This is a workbook style course (and part 2 of Becoming).  Available at the end of 2019
  • Wildfire Women

In 2019 we will be building a community of women that are baptized with fire and are ready to spread the Good News of Christ.  

  1. Wildfire Women Bible Study: This study builds a woman’s faith by teaching her what it means to be a woman of God (full of power and purpose) in our world today.  We are finishing up our pilot groups with this study and plan to release it in the Spring of 2019.
  2. Wildfire Women Leadership:  These are training sessions where we empower you to disciple others (including those in your own household). 
  3. Wildfire Moms:  In the Summer of 2019 we will be airing podcast episodes that will equip and empower moms to keep the fire of Christ burning in their homes.  These episodes will be a part of the Equipped and Effective Podcast.