A Woman’s Journey Into Destiny – Part 2

Equipped Podcast: Episode 006: Savannah Hineline, Living with open hands: A woman’s journey into destiny (Part 2)

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Savannah Hineline, Founder & Executive Director of Covered INTL

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Highlights from Episode 006 (Part 2)

What has been unexpected along the way?:

  1. Savannah set out with a heart for women and trafficking. However, she never realized how many women sat in church pews hurting and broken. It is in their serving/volunteering that women begin to see areas in their own hearts that still need healing. Covered has a variety of ways to serve: Click Here for details
  2. Savannah did not expect or anticipate the children that would come with the women. There is an average of 3 children per each woman that Covered Serves.  The Covered Team discovered that many women don’t survive the reality of losing their children. Therefore, Covered endeavors to do everything they can to keep the family unit together.

What keeps you motivated?:

  • Simple Devotion – prayer, a call to the secret place, and abiding with God. Every day, I just had to be about His business. I look at the women and children every day, and they are my reason. I can’t imagine giving up the work when such beauty has come from broken places. 

Really Great Quotes to share:

“Don’t be clean in your prayers.” Savannah Hineline, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

“We believe that God’s girls do difficult things.” Savannah Hineline, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

“Covered meets transparency with Love and Grace. Women find a safe space to share their story.” Savannah Hineline, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

“I want women to be exposed to all sectors of society and never be intimidated when they walk into a room. I want women to shine with confidence.” Savannah Hineline, Equipped & Effective Podcast @equippedandeffective

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